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Camerton River Derwent courtesy Alexander KappCamerton lies on the River Derwent's north bank in Allerdale. It was a place for the miners who worked locally to live. A later industry was brick manufacturing. Wheat and oats were grown in the fertile river soil. In the 1800s Camerton township was owned by Ralph Cooke, who lived at Camerton Hall.Camerton Hall courtesy John Holmes

The Workington to Keswick railway line once operated here, but closed in April 1966, and the track was subsequently dismantled. The track bed provides a walking trail.

Camerton St Peter Parish Church courtesy Alexander KappSt Peter's church, near Camerton in a bend of the river, occupies a 1000 year old religious site. Churches have undergone many re-buildings here, one in 1694, one in 1796, a tower and spire added in 1855, and another major restoration in 1892. The church has one stained glass window located in the vestry. In the church is a 1500s effigy of a knight done in black stone, hence his name ‘Black Tom’. He was a member of the Curwen family. The local pub is named after him.Camerton Black Tom Inn courtesy Alexander Kapp

Photos courtesy of Alexander Kapp , John Holmes The Geograph British Isles Project

Camerton is three miles north-east of Workington.

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