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Cark (Cartmel)

Cark (Cartmel) village street Graeme DougalThe village of Cark (Cartmel) had a water powered cotton mill between the years 1785 and c1815. The mill used a steam engine to pump water from the tailrace into the mill dam above the waterwheel. The mill was put up for sale in 1811, and finally the depressed market forced the mill to close. It and the workers' cottages, constructed beside the mill, were purchased in 1816 by a local farmer who turned it into a corn mill. In 1935 a fire swept through the mill, ending its production. The building now serves private purposes.Cark (Cartmel) village street Graeme Dougal

Photos courtesy Graeme Dougal

Cark (Cartmel) is 2 miles southwest of Cartmel, 3 miles from Grange-over-Sands, on the B5277.

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