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Cliburn is a farming village situated on the River Leith in the Eden valley. The area has been settled for centuries, but the sandstone houses on the main street mostly date from the 18-19th centuries.

Cliburn St Cuthbert Church by MauldySt Cuthbert Church, with a line of lime trees leading to it, is a 12th century church that the Victorians restored in 1886-87. One original window remains. In the church is a Jerusalem cross made of olive wood and inlaid with mother of pearl and ebony. It is over 700 years old and is Italian in origin.

In the village is Cliburn Hall, originally built in 1387 as a pele tower but added to over the years and turned into a farmhouse. In the basement was a segmental vault and fireplace. The tower served its purpose in 1454 when it was besieged and shot with over 1000 arrows. In 1567 a stair wing was added and in 1872 a gabled roof.

Cliburn old rectory by Bob JenkinsA former rectory is now a private house. The Eden valley railway once had a station here, opened in 1852 and closed in 1956.

An unusual geographical feature is the 30 ft high rock cliff formed by the river cutting through, thus giving its name to the village–Cliburn mean ‘cliff stream’.

Photos courtesy of Mauldy , Bob Jenkins The Geograph Britain and Ireland project.

Cliburn is 6.5 miles north-west of Appleby-in-Westmoreland

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