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Croglin house by Barbara BallardCroglin, in Eden, sits by Croglin beck as it leaves Black fell. The village name is thought to derive from two words Carey, a rock, and Lyn, water. The village has been here for a long time. Its stone church, St John the Baptist, dates from the Norman period but was rebuilt in 1878. It was designed by J Hewison of Edinburgh and has an east window showing the ascension.

Croglin church by Barbara Ballard There is an old rectory pele tower opposite the church. Surviving is a spiral stair in the north corner and a basement vault forming a cross-wing of an earlier hall. The village was one of many attacked by Scottish border raiders in the 1400s, and a pele tower would have provided some safety. Nearby is what is thought to be a 16th century stronghouse. A vampire story is associated with Croglin grange. A school was built in the 1700s. The Robin Hood Inn and the Blue Bell are local pubs.

Croglin Robin Hood Inn by Barbara BallardPoor quality coal was found in the region. Barley, oats, and turnips were early agricultural crops.

Photos by Barbara Ballard

Croglin is located on the B6413, north-east of Penrith.

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