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Crosby (Maryport)

Crosby Village Road courtesy of Marshall McGurkCrosby is a long narrow village defined by the A596 along which it lies. The small village, near Cumbrias west coast, has only a few houses sited off the road. Just north is the hamlet of Crosby Villa.

Crosby Post Office and Green courtesy of Marshall McGurkCrosby owes its existence to mining and farming. Some 18th century homes still stand, though most dwellings are from later centuries. At one time the village was busy with blacksmiths, several shops, four pubs, and a post office. Today the post office and village store are combined, and one inn, the Stag, fulfills the role of local pub. Six of a former 20 farms have survived in the area.

Crosscannoby St John the Evangelist church by Steve BulmanCrosbys church is not in the village itself but at Crosscannoby, a mile away. A Methodist chapel, now closed, was built in 1863. In 1822 Mr. John Nicholson of Maryport bequeathed £10 a year to a school here for the education of 20 poor children.

Photos courtesy of Marshall McGurk , Steve Bulman

Crosby (Maryport) is 41/2 miles northeast of Maryport, on the A596.

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