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Crosby Garrett

Crosby Garrett village view from church courtesy of Graeme DougalCrosby Garrett, settled since Saxon times, is located in an agricultural area of Eden. It was once called Crosby Gerard, meaning the cross town.

Historic houses, many with 17th century dates on their lintels, compliment the village view. Included in the mix is an 18th century tithe barn.

High on Arklow hill in the village is the church of St Andrew. The location of the church gave rise to a legend. Apparently the devil moved the stones designated for the church to the hilltop so the villagers would have a hard walk to worship.Crosby Garrett St Andrew Church distant view courtesy of Graeme Dougal

Saxon parts of the 12th century church still survive. A north aisle dates from 1175 (rebuilt in 1866) while the chancel is a rebuilding of the 1300s. A priest's door dates from this rebuilding, as does a bell turret. Norman columns face the entrance. A porch beam has the date 1662 carved on it. The interior contains carvings, a piscina from the 1200s, and a squint hole cut through the wall to allow the altar to show from the north aisle.

Crosby Garrett village and viaduct and train courtesy of Graeme DougalThe Settle-Carlisle railway's Smardale viaduct to the west overshadows the village. Its six arches stand 55 feet high and are spread out over 330 feet in length.

On the moors south of the village are the remains of prehistoric stone hut settlements.

Crosby Garrett is a small cluster of homes and farms grouped around a beck in a quiet vale. Views of the Howgills and the northern Pennines are on offer.

For details, history, and photos of the Settle-Carlisle railway, go to

Photos courtesy of Graeme Dougal

Crosby Garrett is located on a minor road off the A685, 3 miles west of Kirkby Stephen.

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