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The Pheasant Inn_by Oliver DixonCumwhitton is a small village with a green. It sits in farming country in Cumbrias vale of Eden. A settlement has existed here since celtic times. 10th century Norse burials were discovered and excavated in 2004. They contained brooches, swords, and horse equipment. The Pheasant inn serves the locals. The village has a caravan park for visitors.

Cumwhitton St Mary church courtesy Steve BulmanSt Marys church, dating from 1200, has a Norman fragment in its south wall. The north arcade has three bays that date from its building, while the outer wall of the aisle was built in the 18th century. Theres a rebuilt chancel from the 13th century and a font dated 1662. The church was once the property of the dean of Carlisle cathedral.

Roe deer, red squirrel and brown long-eared bats can be spotted in the surrounding countryside. Pink-footed geese, hen harrier, quail, and goshawk are just a few of the areas birds. A large number of butterflies include the peacock, comma, and ringlet.

Photos courtesy of Steve Bulman , Oliver Dixon The Geograph British Isles Project

Cumwhitton is located on a minor road seven miles south-west of Brampton.

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