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Dearham village by Barbara BallardThe large strung out village of Dearham belongs to Cumberlands former coal mining industry. Wheat and oats were also grown in the farm fields surrounding the village.

The church of St Mungo dates from Norman times but was restored and enlarged in 1882, when the north aisle Dearham St Mungos Church by Alexander P Kappwas added. It belonged to the prior and convent of St. Mary, at Gisburn. The Norman chancel windows survive as does the south doorway and the font. Spirals, dragons, and more decorate the font. The 14th century west pele tower is tunnel vaulted. The church houses a large number of medieval coffin lids and pieces of Dearham Methodist Church Cumbria by Barbara Ballardthree Anglo-Danish crosses. One wheel-head cross is carved with an ash tree, which relates to the mythology of Scandinavia. Two ancient stones are of note. One has a runic inscription; another shows a man on a horse.

The village is served by two pubs and a primary school.

Dearham Goldmine Inn Cumbria by Barbara BallardThe area is home to a large variety of birds and peacock and green-veined white butterflies. Fishing is available on the river Ellen.

Photos by Barbara Ballard and courtesy of Alexander P Kapp

Dearham is located two miles east of Maryport, between the A594 and the A596.

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