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Eamont Bridge

Eamont Bridge over the River Eamont by Graeme DougalEamont Bridge is laden with historic houses. The village name comes from the Romans and means river meeting. It was at one time on the drovers route across the rivers Eamont and Lowther, and inns of the times reflect this history. The Crown dates to 1707. Its fireplace came from Brougham Castle.

There was a bridge built across the river as early as the 14th century, although a stone one wasnt constructed until a century Eamont Bridge Village Street Main Road North by Graeme Dougallater in 1425. The present bridge, dating from the 16th century with further alterations, has segmented arches. At the time of its construction it was considered to be a structure of great architectural importance. A path along the river is dotted with oak, ash, and sycamore Eamont Bridge Beehive Inn by Graeme Dougaltrees. Red squirrels frequent the area.

In 927 the Saxon king, Aethelstan, summoned the kings of Scotland and Strathclyde to Eamont Bridge. There they and Owain of Gwent swore allegiance to him instead of to Gothfrith, who was king of Dublin. Aethelstan reigned for 15 years as king of England.

In 1745 a battle was fought here between the English and Eamont Bridge Millennium Stone on the Road to Mayburgh Henge by Graeme DougalBonnie Prince Charlies retreating forces. In 1868 there were two water mills grinding oats in the village, but 20 years later they were closed.

At Eamont Bridge are the remains of two henges, Mayburgh and King Arthurs Round Table. To celebrate the millennium, a 50-ton block of 330 million-year-old granite from Shap quarry was erected on the road to Mayburgh Henge. On the granite are carved a cross and the Greek letters Alpha and Omega.

Eamont Bridge 1636 House by Graeme DougalEamont Bridge, with the Lake District to its west and the Pennines to the east, snuggles up to the historic market town of Penrith.

Photos courtesy of Graeme Dougal

Eamont Bridge is located on the A6, one mile south of Penrith.

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