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Edenhall Village and War Memorial courtesy Google MapsEdenhall gets its name from a hall mansion, owned by the Musgrave family. It was built in the Italian style in 1824 by Sir Robert Smirke. In 1934 the hall was demolished. All that can be seen today are gate pillars, a lodge, and stables (now a house). The hall had a legend associated with it called the Edenhall St Cuthberts Cross by davetenLuck of Edenhall. This relates to the familys 13th century Syrian glass goblet painted in red, blue, green, and white enamel with gilding. The legend said if the cup ever broke the luck of the Musgraves would end. The Musgrave family remained in possession of the goblet until it was given to the Victoria and Albert museum where it can be seen today along with its stamped leather case. Longfellow wrote a poem, The Luck of Edenhall, about it that made it famous.

Of Edenhall, the youthful Lord
Bids sound the festal trumpet's call;
He rises at the banquet board,
And cries, 'mid the drunken revellers all,
“Now bring me the Luck of Edenhall!”

Edenhall St Cuthberts Church by Alexander P KappOutside the small village, St Cuthbert church dates from Norman times but is a mix of many centuries. It was changed in the 14th century, and the east end of the chancel dates from that period. The east window has 14th century glass. The north window of the nave (now blocked) is Norman, as is the chancels Norman doorway (also blocked). The chancel arch is an 1834 copy. The low west tower with its stone spire is 15th century as are two brasses. Edenhall St Cuthberts Church Interior by Alexander P KappLinenfold panelling in some of the stalls is of the 16th century. The church was built on the site of a spring called St Cuthberts well.

A public footpath runs nearby along the bank of the river Eden.

Photos courtesy of Alexander P Kapp , daveten , Google Maps.

Edenhall is located on a minor road off the A686, three miles north-east of Penrith.

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