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Elterwater village courtesy of Graeme DougalElterwater's name comes from the small lake by which it sits and the Norse word ‘elter’ meaning swan-whooper swans migrate to the lake in the winter.

The village first flourished with the quarrying of slate. Kirkstone Green Slate Quarries is up the road at Skelwith Elterwater Bridge over Great Langdale Beck courtesy of Graeme DougalBridge. Later a gunpowder manufacturing business brought workers to the village. Coppiced juniper wood was turned into charcoal needed as one of the ingredients in producing gunpowder. Saltpetre was brought by rail to Windermere to transport to Elterwater, and sulphur was also imported. The ingredients were mixed and ground to produce the gunpowder. Six water wheels turned by the River Brathay provided an economic means of power. The works were in production from 1824 until the early 1930's and are now a holiday complex.

Elterwater Britannia pub former 17th century farm house courtesy of Graeme DougalElterwater caters to holidayers with a youth hostel, shops, and the popular Britannia pub (a former 17th century farmhouse). A terrace of cottages made of the local green slate line the small green in the village centre. Morris dancers show off their skills in the summer.

Elterwater post office at Maple Tree Corner courtesy of Graeme DougalHerdwick sheep graze on the common. In the spring fields of bluebells delight the eye. There are a number of pleasant walks in the area. Larch, birch, and oak line the fells. Volcanic crags ring the Great Langdale valley. It all adds up to an attractive setting for Elterwater.

Photos courtesy of Graeme Dougal

Elterwater is off the B5343 near Skelwith Bridge. A large carpark is near the river bridge, and a smaller National Trust one is nearby.

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