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(See also Elva Plain Stone Circle)

Embleton Derwent Lodge by Cumbria DirectoryEmbleton in Allerdale is on a minor road off the A66 east of Cockermouth and west of Basenthwaite Lake. St Cuthberts church is located in the village as is an old Wesleyan chapel.

St Cuthberts was built in 1806 on the site on an older church and was restored in Embleton Wesleyan Chapel by the Cumbria Directory1886 with an east window added. The churchs bell turret has two bells.

Quarrying took place in the area and yielded gypsum and dolomite. There is a stone circle, Elva Plain, just north of the village on the common land.

The Wheatsheaf Inn is a local pub.

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Embleton is located three miles east of Cockermouth off the A66.

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