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Field Broughton

Field Broughton River Eea courtesy Nigel MillsThe farming village of Field Broughton sits by the river Eea. The name Field Broughton comes from broughton meaning enclosure for animals on a hill. Field is a location identifying term. The villages original name Brocton dates from 1276. It came from the old English words ‘broc’ and ‘tun’ meaning ‘by a stream.

The sandstone church of St Peter, marked by its spire, lies north of the village. The present church, dated 1894, was built to replace a 1745 one. The church was constructed by Paley and Austin, Lancaster architects. Field Broughton St Peters Church courtesy Andy WallaceInside is stained glass by Kempe. A tablet commemorates the death of Dr. Edmund Ransome. A lime kiln near the church was used until 1922.

The village pinfold or pound at Field Broughton has stood for perhaps 200 years. It is today a reminder of the times when the Cartmel valley was filled with numerous farms and smallholdings and stock was prone to wander onto common land. A Pinder was appointed to impound straying animals in a pound or pinfold and these animals would only be released on payment of a fine. The land in this area was all common land until 1796 when it was purchased by several well-to-do people.

Field Broughton Pound on White Moss Common Courtesy Nigel MillsThe Field Broughton Pound situated on White Moss Common is one of the finest to be found in Cumbria. It has recently been sympathetically repaired by the parish council, following advice from the Lake District Historic Buildings officer and funding from the Local Heritage Initiative.

Pinfolds and pounds are part of the Cumbrian past but are becoming rarer due to neglect and lack of interest.

Photos courtesy of Andy Wallace Andy Fellwalker , Nigel Mills

Field Broughton is located on a minor road off the A590.

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