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Garrigill distant view by GraemeDougalGarrigill, near Cumbrias border with Durham, sits under Cross Fells shadow on the South Tyne River near its beginnings in Alston Moor.

The solid, dark grey stone homes, church, and shops cluster around the 18th century green.

A post office serves as a general store. Garrigill Gala Day is held in August. A greasy pole competition and a duck race are two of the events.

Garrigill village green by Graeme DougalIn the 18th century the London Lead Mining Company was drawn to Alston Moors lead deposits. The Quaker Company took an interest in the area and built housing for the miners and their families. Smallholdings came with six acres of land. When the mines closed, the village shrunk in size.

The small church of St John, built in 1790, usurped the site of Garrigill Church St John Exterior by Graeme Dougalan earlier one. A few bits and pieces of the older church remain. Legend says the bell comes from Jacobite times. Rolls of honour done by local artists are in the church.

The walled churchyard with its graves dating back to the late 1500s is sometimes a campground. A church sign reads Feel free to rest, picnic, even sleep here. A primitive Methodist chapel was constructed in 1885.

Garrigill Church and Chapelry of St John the Evangelist Interior by Graeme DougalGarrigill, in a sheltered and remote valley, is largely untroubled by tourists. Walkers of the nearby Pennine Way and cyclists on the Coast route take advantage of bed and breakfast establishments and self-catering cottages. Enclosed by the desolate Pennine mountains, Garrigill, once called Gerrards Green, is a little countryside haven.

Photos courtesy of Graeme Dougal

Garrigill is 3 miles south of Alston just off the B6277.

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