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Garsdale farm by Barbara Ballard Destinations-UK-Ireland Garsdale is, rather than a typical village with a centre, a strung out collection of homes and farms along a road in the Yorkshire Dales National Park. It lies within the political boundary of Cumbria, but before 1970 it was part of Yorkshire. The Howgill fells dominate the skyline. Farming is the main commercial activity in the area.

Before the dissolution of the monasteries much of the land in the Garsdale area belonged to St Agatha’s Abbey. Afterwards the land reverted to Crown ownership.

Garsdale train station by Barbara Ballard Destinations-UK-IrelandDown the road from the village at Garsdale Head, a train station (on the Settle to Carlisle line) lies just inside Cumbria's boundary. The station was once called Hawes Junction as another rail line went from here into the Yorkshire village of Hawes. The station's northbound waiting room served as a church, while the separate ladies' waiting room did double duty as a library. The railway water tower was built on a stone base which had a room inside. This served as a village hall. Sixteen cottages, built in the 1870s, provided accommodation for railway workers. The current village hall was once a school.

St John Baptist Church by Barbara Ballard Destinations-UK-IrelandThe Anglican church, St John the Baptist, dates from 1861. A chapel existed on the site as late as Wordsworth's time. He described it in 1799 as “a lowly house of prayer.” The Methodist chapel, Mt Zion, in the village was constructed in 1856. Although it no longer serves as a chapel, it is open for special events.

In 1851 Garsdale Hall was a coaching inn known as the George & Dragon. The Moorcock Inn now serves the village. It is open all day long, providing food and accommodation.

Old deserted stone bldg by Barbara Ballard Destinations-UK-Ireland

Photos by Barbara Ballard

Garsdale is on the A684, west of Hawes. Free carpark at the railway station at Garsdale Head.

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