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Gilsland by Google MapsGilsland has divided loyalties, lying as it does partly in Cumbria and partly in Northumberland, depending on which side of the Poltross Burn (part of the river Irthing), which runs right through the village, you live on.

Gilsland Methodist Church by Bill HendersonPast industry included mining, agriculture, quarrying, and spa tourism. The sulphur springs were considered healthful, and a legend says Sir Walter Scott proposed to his future wife here giving the name of “Popping Stones” to a group of three. A company was formed to take advantage of the springs, and the Shaws Hotel was built. It was reconstructed in 1865, then became a convalescent home, and is now the Gilsland Spa Hotel.

The Gilsland agricultural show pays tribute to the farming community with its sheep and horse gathering.

Gilsland St Mary Magdalenes Church by Les HullThe church of St Mary Magdalene was constructed 1852-4 in the early English style. A mile from the village is Upper Denton church. Roman remains near the village include bits of Hadrian's wall and Poltross burn milecastle (English Heritage) which has an oven, a stair to the rampart walk, and the remains of its north gateway.

Photos by Bill Henderson , Les Hull , Google Maps

Gilsland is located seven miles north-east of Brampton in the Carlisle area.

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