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Glassonby St Michael by Barbara Ballard‘Glassan's settlement’ or Glassonby as it is known today hugs the vale of Eden.

Half a mile from the village, the church of St Michael (Addingham parish) is thought to date from the 15th century and is on the site of an earlier church that was victim of the river Eden. The earlier church belonged to the local manor until given to the priory of Carlisle. The church has a nave, chancel, a porch, and two-bell turret. The chancel windows may be medieval. A hogback coffin lid and two pieces of a 9th century cross are of special note. William Paley, (1743-1805) archdeacon of Carlisle, served as one of the church vicars.

Glassonby house by Barbara BallardOne-fourth of a mile outside the village is a hill with a track leading to an oval-shaped set of ancient decorated stones. It is on fenced private property, and permission must be asked before visiting.

Butterfly red admiral courtesy Hampshire Cam
Many species of birds and butterflies have been sited in the Glassonby area. Butterflies include the dark green fritillary, common blue, and the red admiral.

Photos by Barbara Ballard and courtesy of DavidPackman

Glassonby is located on a minor road between the B6412 and the A686, north-east of Penrith.

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