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Great Broughton

Great Broughton bakery by Barbara BallardGreat Broughton, from the Norse ‘broch’ and ‘ton’ (a fortified place) is a large village on a hillside. It has swallowed the village of Little Broughton. In the past people relied on coal mining, weaving, copper smelting, and pipe making for work.

Christ church dates from 1856. Inside is an 18th century pulpit and art nouveau stained glass. A Wesleyan chapel, built in 1846, is now a village hall. An almshouse was founded in 1722. A Baptist chapel was built in 1672 and a Quaker meeting house in Great Broughton village by Barbara Ballard1656 in what was Little Broughton at the time. The Punch Bowl Inn and the Brewery House are the village pubs. There is a local primary school, and a bakery.

Abraham Fletcher (1714-1793) was a well-known village person, serving as a schoolmaster, doctor, and lawyer. He wrote two mathematical books.

Photos by Barbara Ballard

Great Broughton is located on a minor road a short distance north of the A66, and north-west of Cockermouth.

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