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Great Corby

Great Corby by Ian S GeographGreat Corby, on the right bank of the River Eden, began as a Scandinavian farming village. Now it is a bedroom community for the town of Carlisle.

Great Corby Clints Road by Danny Robinson GeographPeople used to be rowed across the River Eden at this village, and a Ferry Cottage survives from the time. A 600 foot long and 100 foot high viaduct connects the town to Wetheral's railroad station across the river. It was constructed between 1831-34 by Francis Giles.

Great Corby River Eden and Corby Castle by Douglas Nelson GeographCorby Castle is thought to date from the 13th century. Although it once had a pele tower, little of it remains. The castle has changed hands a number of times since being built. One of the owners, Sir William Howard, the 3rd son of the Duke of Norfolk, was responsible for building the three storey house by the tower. The building has surviving 17th century pedimented windows and 19th century Doric columns on the front. Henry Howard had the tower rebuilt between 1812-17 and filled in empty space between the tower and the three storey house.

Photos courtesy of Ian S , Danny Robinson , Douglas Nelson

Great Corby is 4.5 miles east of Carlisle.

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