May 30, 2020

Towns and Villages of Cumbria

Great Ormside

Great Ormside Village by Google MapsGreat Ormside´s name comes from that of a Viking warrior named Orm. It was once his abode. The village is centered around a green.

The village is one of the oldest of those in the diocese of Carlisle. The church, St James, is on a mound, once used for defensive purposes. It is a Scheduled Historic Monument. The date of construction is unsure but could be Great Ormside St James Church Jon Atkins (serapias) Flickrearlier than Norman times. Roman stones are used in the church walls.

The churchyard is home to an ancient cross socket from 1643 and pre-Christian burials. A 9th century Anglo Saxon art treasure, the Ormside Bowl was found in the churchyard. It can be viewed in the York Museum.

Great Ormside Hall by Andy Woodmanshack FlickrOrmside Hall with its 14th century pele tower once guarded the ford across the River Eden at the village. The river is crossed here by the Settle-Carlisle Railway using a ten-arched viaduct, dating from 1870.

Photos courtesy © Google Maps , Jon Atkins , Andy

Great Ormside is located 3 miles south-eat of Appleby-in-Westmoreland.

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