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Great Orton

Great Orton Wellington Inn by Barbara BallardGreat Orton is home to a small rural school, in existence for 142 years (not the building now used). A village hall dates from 1954. A newer landmark is the millennium beacon. On the village green is a silver jubilee bench (1977) place to commemorate Queen Elizabeth IIs 25 years as monarch. Also in the village are a post office, a shop, and a garden machinery centre. The local pub is the Wellington. It serves real ales.

Great Ortons former military airfield (also called Wiggonby) opened in 1943 was put to a different use in 2001 as a burial ground for foot and mouth disease animals.Great Orton St Giles church view by Barbara Ballard

St Giles church was built in 1098. Restoration of the Norman church took place in Victorian times and in the 1980s. St Giles is shown in the stained glass window with a doe that, according to legend, fled to him for protection. The north window shows St Kentigern, while the east depicts the crucifixion. The church font has a carved cover with a Greek inscription.

Great Orton roof tops by Barbara BallardThe many Roman causeways and various foundations in the vicinity attest to the villages former prominence as a market town. The Scots liked to raid the area, so the parish enclosed itself with a ditch and embankment called the Ringfence. The Barass Gate locked it all up at night.

Photos by Barbara Ballard

Great Orton is located five miles west of Carlisle.

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