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Great Salkeld

Great Salkeld view from church courtesy Steve BulmanGreat Salkeld is an attractive village of 400 people in the river Eden valley. The valley is home to numerous wildlife, including deer, red squirrels, buzzards, curlews, peregrine falcons, and sparrowhawks. At the right time of year wild flowers bloom along local lanes. Red sandstone barns are characteristic of the buildings in the village. External staircases still existthey served to make houses safer from invaders.

Great Salkeld church courtesy Steve BulmanThe church of St Cuthbert dates from the 14th century. Its pele tower was constructed as a retreat for villagers when Scottish reivers preyed on the area. The tower has a fireplace to keep the villagers warm and a dungeon in the basement for any captured enemies. The south doorway, dating from Norman times, is adorned with dogtooth carving, birds, dragons, and heads. The nave windows are neo-Norman and date from around 1866. The chancel windows are thought to be 17th century. There is a peel of six bells. A Saxon church may have existed at the same location. A Presbyterian chapel was built in the village in 1710 and a school in 1686.

Great Salkeld church carvings courtesy Steve BulmanThe pubs name, The Highland Drove, reflects the villages past as a stop on the cattle drives to the south. The inn won the Les Routiers northern dining pub of the year 2004 with its featured traditional local dishes. The villages other claim to fame rests with it being the birthplace of the Lord Chief Justice of England, Edward Law (1750-1818). He was not remembered kindly.

A quarter mile from the village are the remains of Aikton castle, a fortified station of rough stonework, now covered with bushes.

Photos courtesy of Steve Bulman

Great Salkeld is located on the B6412 north-east of Penrith.

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