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Grinsdale village street courtesy Graeme DougalGrinsdale lies beside the river Eden near Carlisle. Four Roman military marching camps were set up in the area. The rich loamy soil encouraged farming around Grinsdale. Linen manufacture and weaving once provided employment in the hamlet.

Grinsdales church, St Kentigern, was built in Grinsdale St Kentigerns Church 1740 courtesy Graeme Dougal1740 outsid the village and just above the river on the site where a 12th century church once stood. It has a small west tower, a three bay nave, and a two bay chancel with arched windows. The church was restored in 1895.

Photos courtesy of Graeme Dougal

Grinsdale is on a minor road off the B5307, 2.5 miles northwest of Carlisle.

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