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Hallbankgate school by Barbara BallardLike many Cumbrian villages, Hallbankgate is a former mining village. Lead and coal were mined here bringing with their activity a number of related industries that included foundries, blacksmiths, and gas works. During this busy time a three-storey village shop existed. Now there are farms and collections of houses in the area alongside the busy highway.

The Belted Will is a 17th century pub named after Lord William Howard of Naworth castle. The pub was at one time a Hallbankgate Belted Will Inn by Barbara Ballardtemperance hotel. It now serves real ales and provides b and b rooms. A former church is now a private residence. There is a primary school, post office, and village hall at Hallbankgate.

Photos by Barbara Ballard

Hallbankgate is located on the A689 east of Brampton.

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