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Hayton (Aspatria)

Hayton village by Andy WallaceHayton is a small village sitting on Cumbrias coastal plain near Aspatria.

In the village is Hayton Castle, dating from possibly the 11th century. The stone house was built with a tower. Mary Queen of Scots overnighted in the castle in 1568. Mullioned windows date from circa 1609. Cromwell attacked the castle in 1648 requiring repair and rebuilding of some areas afterwards. The entrance was moved, and a building was added to the east side. It now serves as a private farmhouse.

Hayton Parish Church of St James by Andy WallaceThe church of St James was built in 1867-68. The iron rood screen dates from that time. The font is over 800 years old and thought to be from Hayton castle chapel. The wooden pulpit was hand carved.

North of the village is a high ridge where an old castle was built. Only overgrown and damaged ringwork survive.

Photo courtesy of Andy Wallace Andy Fellwalker

Hayton is located 2.5 miles west of Aspatria.

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