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Hayton (Brampton)

Hayton house and street courtesy Andy WallaceThe small village of Hayton is sited near Brampton. Its name means hay farm and refers to the former farming in the area. The village school has been in use since 1818 and retains some original features. The village also has a shop and a pub, the Stone Inn.Hayton Mary Magdalene church courtesy Andy Wallace

St Mary Magdalene church was built in 1780. The iron rood screen dates from that time. The church has a five-bayed nave with arched keyed-in windows and a small square west tower built in 1780. In 1842 a chancel was added. In the church are a number of memorials to the Graham family of Edmond Castle; also still surviving is their raised family pew. An 800-year-old font and hand carved pulpit are other attractions.

Hayton Stone Inn courtesy Andy WallaceEdmond Castle, a mile from the village, is thought to date from earlier than the 17th century. However, the present building, a private home, dates from 1824-29 and was designed by Robert Smirke.

Photos courtesy Andy Wallace Andy Fellwalker

Hayton (Brampton) is on a minor road off the A69 south-west of Brampton.

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