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Hensingham square Whitehaven by John HolmesHensingham was once a large village on its own (its 1841 population was 1019), but is now, in reality, a suburb of Whitehaven. Situated on higher ground than Whitehaven, it has a view of the town's harbour.

In the 1800s jobs were provided by thread manufacturing and the nearby limestone quarry at Overend. A parochial school, infant school, and Sunday school provided education for the children. The earl of Lonsdale was the principal landowner in the area. Several mansion homes were built in the village including Hensingham Hall, home of Henry Jefferson, Esq.

Hensingham St John Church Steve BullmanThe red sandstone chapel of St John (now an Anglican Evangelical church) is in the gothic style. It is rock-faced and was built 1911-13. The tower has eight bells, cast by Taylor's of Loughborough. (See Bell Foundry Museum, Leicestershire). The church is active today, and bell ringing takes place on a regular basis.

Hensingham Methodist Church by Steve Bullman
The poet Thomas Blackburn was born in the rectory, located on the south side of the church. A former archbishop of York and Canterbury, Edmund Grindal, was born in the village in 1519.

The village has several pubs and a hospital.
St John Church:

Photos courtesy John Holmes , Steve Bullman

Hensingham is located one mile south-east of Whitehaven.

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