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Heversham village by John SalmonThe village of Heversham is located in a farming area. It was, at the end of the 19th century, a small place of about 20 houses. It has increased about ten-fold since then, but many of its historic buildings remain.

The village was home to a smithy and several inns: the Ship inn, the Blue Bell inn (which served as the post office at one time; its name was later appropriated by the Heversham hotel), and the Eagle and Child inn. The Blue Bell Hotel Heversham courtesy of The Blue Bell HotelThe latter became a temperance hotel and was eventually turned into private residences. Heversham House was purchased in 1900 by the well known architect H. J. Austin. It was lived in by the family through WWII and in the 1980s became a retirement home.

Heversham St Peters Church by John SalmonThe village church, St Peter’s, is Westmoreland’s (former county) oldest, dating from the 8th century. It was restored by Austin and Paley in 1869-70. Near the church are two old cottages: Church View dated 1872-1894 and Hawthorn Cottage, once a shop. Beside it is the site of the 21st century shop and post office. St Mary’s well, by the churchyard, once served as the village water supply. An ancient crook barn is found at Park House farm on the opposite side of the A6 where the village’s newer homes are located. A school for girls opened in 1842. Electricity was brought into the village in 1934.

Heversham Hall originated as a 14th century pele tower. It retains its 14th century doorway and four mullioned windows. During the 16th century St Mary’s abbey in York used it as a base when overseeing the farming operations of their land in the vicinity. It has belonged to the Handley family since 1876.

Heversham Head courtesy of www.heversham.orgSt Peter’s primary school now serves the village. In 1613 education was provided by the Heversham Grammar School. The Athenaeum is the name of the village hall for Heversham and Leasgill. It was bequeathed to the village by the Argles estate, a wealthy shipping family.

On the north-east side of the village is Heversham Head with a walk that provides views over the countryside.

Photos courtesy of John Salmon , The Blue Bell Hotel and Heversham and Leasgill community website.

Heversham is located on the A6 north of Milnthorpe and near Levens in south Lakeland.

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