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Irthington view from clock tower courtesy Corbett House B and BThe village of Irthington sits on the north side of the river Irthing. It is located on what was the Roman frontier road called Stanegate (meaning ‘stone road’). The road stretched from Carlisle in the west to Corbridge in the east. The village has a post office and shop, primary school, and inn.

St Kentigern church in the village dates from Norman times but was restored in 1849-53 by Bloxham in the gothic tradition. A clock tower with five bells was added in 1897—the clock chimes the Irthington St Kentigern Church courtesy Steve Bulman Images of Cumbriaquarter hour. Remaining from the 1170s are the arcades of round arches set on round piers. A chancel arch dates from the 13th century. Further restoration took place in the later part of the 20th century. The church was originally given to the convent of Lanercost by Robert de Vaux. When the priories were dissolved it became the property of Sir Thomas Dacre. Some Roman remains, including altars and coins, were found in the village, and many Roman stones Irthington church clock workings courtesy Corbett House B and Bwere used in building the church.

Nothing remains of the castle that hosted king John in 1201 except for a mound of earth which was lowered in the 19th century. It was constructed in the 1160s by the de Vaux family. A farm sits on the site of the former castle court. Stone from the Irthington castle was transported by the Howard family in the 17th century to use in their Naworth castle.Irthington Salutation Inn courtesy Corbett House B and B

Red squirrels and brown long-eared bats have been spotted in the area. Oystercatchers, grey heron, whooper swan, peregrine, and buzzards can be seen.

Photos courtesy of Steve Bullman and Corbett House

Irthington is located off the A689 on west of Brampton.

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