July 4, 2020

Towns and Villages of Cumbria

Kirkland (Penrith)

The church of St Lawrence the Martyr courtesy Julian ThurgoodThe tiny village of Kirkland lies north-east of Penrith on a minor road in an isolated situation. Its houses are scattered at the base of Cross Fell in a somewhat isolated situation.

The church of St Lawrence the Martyr sits by itself in a field. It was rebuilt in 1768 and 1880 and has a nave, chancel, and bell turret. A triple-chamfered chancel arch dates from 1280-1300. In the church is the effigy of an armoured man, which came from the previous church. A Saxon cross is in the churchyard.

Photos courtesy of Julian Thurgood

Kirkland is located on a minor road north-east of the B6412 and Penrith.

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