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Railway Bridge by Trevor Harris Lazonby sits on a hill looking down on the river Eden. There are views of the Pennines from the village. Its historic importance was that of a small farming village, but with the railway servicing the region in 1876, it grew. Livestock and farms goods were shipped to other locations. Lazonby fell was the source of red sandstone and was much quarried. Houses built of this sandstone can be seen locally, as can a bridge over the river.The Old School by Trevor Harris

Lazonby had a manor house owned by the Stutevilles. Later it came into the ownership of the Morville family, and further in time passed to the Multons. The Dacre family were the last to own it before it was forfeited to the Crown. The Musgraves bought the manor in 1716.

The church of St Nicholas in the village was constructed St Nicholas Church by Trevor Harrisin 1864 and consecrated in 1866. It is by Anthony Salvin. An earlier church was on the same site and belonged to Lanercost Priory. A stained glass window depicting the crucifixion was installed in 1898 by an individual as a memorial. In the graveyard is a six foot high cross in a celtic design. Canon Wilson had it placed there in War Memorial and Churchyard by Trevor Harris1902 to celebrate his 25 years as rector. It was designed by W. G. Collingwood.

The village has a hall, a local school, a swimming pool, a campsite, and an active historical society. There is a rail station on the Carlisle-Settle line. A bakery is in the main station building.Lazonby Church of England School by Trevor Harris

Near Lazonby are burial mounds, a bronze age fort, and a Roman fort (Plumpton).

Photos courtesy of Trevor Harris The Geograph British Isles Project

Lazonby is located six miles north-east of Penrith, in Eden, at the junction of the B6412 and the B6413.

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