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(See also Heversham)

Leasgill by maljoe flickrThe village of Leasgill was once part of the Eversley estate, owned by the Argles family. The family's home was constructed in 1859. The estate was a working farm.

The house was enlarged in 1929 by a new purchaser, John Drew, who was a Lancashire cotton merchant. Over time the house was divided into separate flats, and the garden was spoiled with new housing built in it. Outbuildings of the estate were converted into homes.

Leasgill footpath to Mabbin Hall lane by Alexander Kapp GeographYew Tree cottage is one of the oldest houses in the village.

A grammar school was founded in 1613. A building called the Athenaeum was used by villagers as a library and hall. It still serves the village as a hall today. Many of the old buildings in the village as various stores and workshops (joiners, dressmakers, etc) have changed uses Leasgill pastures above the village by Karl and Ali Geographover the years to private dwellings or stores and offices of various kinds useful to the times. Some were demolished, and new housing built.

In 1927 a new and improved road was built through the village. Leasgill is near the village of Heversham.

Photos courtesy maljoe , Alexander Kapp , Karl and Ali

Leasgill is .7 miles north of Herversham and 2.1 miles south of Sizergh.

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