July 4, 2020

Towns and Villages of Cumbria


Loweswater public footath to the village by Andy BeecroftLoweswater is a small village strung between the northern tip of Crummock Water and Loweswater lake. It's overlooked by the Loweswater fells.

Since the 1100s Loweswater has had a church. Today's church, St Bartholomew, was not built until 1827. It was restored in 1884. The Kirkstile Inn serves the locals.

Loweswater St Bartholomew Church by Alexander KappSouth of the village are earthworks–150 by 80 feet, the origin of which is not known but they may date from ancient times.

In September an agricultural show is held in the farming valley north of the village. There are a number of activities Loweswater farmhouse by Ian Cunliffethat include hound trailing, fell racing, and sheepdog trials as well as traditional livestock shows. A craft fair, produce, and children's activities are part of the attractions.

Photos courtesy of Andy Beecroft , Alexander Kapp , Ian Cunliffe

Loweswater is on a minor road off the B5289, six miles south of Cockermouth at the northern end of Crummock Water.

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