July 4, 2020

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(See also Martindale Old Church and Martindale New Church)

Martindale looking towards cat crag by Michael GrahamMartindale lies on the far east side of Ullswater on a minor road that eventually dead-ends. Rather than a clustered village, its houses and farms are spaced along a winding road. There are views over the lake to the fells.

The church, St Peter's, in a simple lancet style, was built in 1880-82 for worshippers to use instead of the tiny St Martin's church built in 1633 and located .75 mile away. Martindale St Peters Church by Philip HallingSt Peter's has a nave, chancel, vestry, bell turrett, and south-west facing porch. Its stained glass windows date from 1975 (except for one) and depict modern designs.

St Martin's is the second church in the grounds as it replaced a 13th century one. St Martin's has a small porch, a simple bellcote with a 500 year old bell and plain glass windows. It was never electrified.

Martindale church of St Martin by Tony RichardsIn the interior the pulpit, font (a Roman altar), benches and panelling are original. The flagstone floor dates from 1724 and replaced a dirt one. St Martin's had its roof blown off after St Peter's was built; from that time on it was used as a mortuary chapel, and burials continued in the churchyard where an ancient yew stands. Look for the gravestone under the yew inscribed to the curate George Woodley.

Photos courtesy of Michael Graham , Philip Halling , Tony Richards.

Martindale is on a minor road reached from Pooley Bridge.

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