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Maulds Meaburn Village viewed from Meaburn Hill By Mick WraggOn the banks of the Lyvennet River, Mauld's Meaburn lies in rich pastureland. Its name originates from Maud (the mother of Henry II) who fought over the right to the English throne with Stephen during the 12th century. Stephen won the throne and became king in 1135.

The Meaburn estate was held by the de Morville family, but, when Maud's brother, Hugh, participated in Thomas á Becket's murder in 1170, his half of the estate was forfeited to the king. Thus the other village in the area assumed the name King's Meaburn while Maud's part of the estate with its village became known as Mauld's Meaburn.

Maulds Meaburn The Northern edge of the village and Low Bridge By Mick WraggIn the 1600's the river's course was changed to flow through the village, and a water mill (operational until 1948) was constructed. Near the mill were two pubs.

A well-known family in the area, the Dents, built single arched bridges across the river and provided a safe water supply for the village. On the riverbank they constructed, in 1851, a Palladian style white stone villa known as Flass House (now a performing arts school).

Another historic building in the area is the 1610 Jacobean Meaburn Hall, once belonging to the Lowther family-the earls of Lonsdale. The first Earl had the body of his second wife (or mistress, according to one source) embalmed and placed in a glass-lidded coffin.

Maulds MeaburnThe common in use during the festival By Mick WraggLike many rural villages, Mauld's Meaburn had its annual cattle, sheep, and horse fair, first established in 1829. The village green is common grazing land.

Within two miles of the village, on the moorland, are 90 prehistoric village sites. Iron Age Ewe Close, a large site of more than an acre, had six foot high walls. The Romans often took advantage of these sites for their own use, and a Roman road runs nearby.

Maulds Meaburn The Southern edge of the village By Mick WraggMauld's Meaburn is a small, attractive Cumbrian village near the Eden Valley. Its two narrow lanes of cottages are set in quiet pastoral countryside on both sides of Lyvennet Beck. Located near the village of Crosby Ravensworth, Mauld's Meaburn is a special little Cumbrian hideaway.

Photos courtesy of Mick Wragg

Mauld's Meaburn One mile north of Crosby Ravensworth

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