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Mealsgate All Hallows Church by Bob JenkinsThe village of Mealsgate grew up along an old Roman road. It is north of the river Ellen, and the village of Fletchertown lies close by.

All Hallows Old Church (now boarded up) dates from Norman times. A south chapel was added in 1587 and redone in 1862. The building is now overgrown with vegetation. Mealsgate All Hallows Church graveyard by Bob JenkinsSurviving in the Old Church is a stained glass window, ‘Gethsemane’, by Charles Kempe and a white marble statue to George Moore, a rich merchant philanthropist born in Mealsgate in 1807. He made his money in the lace trade.

In the New All Hallows church, built 1896-89 and located in the village of Fletchertown, is a plaque (1962) to Mealsgate All Hallows Church by jmc4Moore from the French government thanking him for his help to the poor of Paris in the 1871 siege. A marble tablet to his memory is in Carlisle Cathedral, on which is a figure of his bust in profile and beneath a poem exalting him. The new church also has two old grave slabs of interest.

Photos courtesy of Bob Jenkins , jmc4.

Mealsgate is south of Wigton on the A595 and B5299.

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