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Moresby Hall and church by Julian ThurgoodMoresby sits on Cumbrias west coast. The name of the hall and village is thought to come from a family who settled in the area as far back as 1150 and were called Morisceby, Mawriceby or Moricebi.

In the 19th century coal was mined here, bringing jobs and money to the area. St Bridgets church, located on a windswept cliff overlooking the Solway Firth, dates from 1822-23. It is named in honour of the Irish saint who visited in the 6th century. It isnt the first church on the site. In fact the Moresby Church courtesy Steve Bullman.Romans placed a fort, Gabrosentum, here. There is a free standing arch, part of the chancel of the older church, in the grounds as well as a plaque to the Fletcher family who owned Moresby Hall for 250 years.

Moresby Hall, a Grade I listed building built c 1620 and now a country home accommodation, was one of many elaborate homes in the village. Mary Queen of Scots is reputed to have stayed here while journeying to Carlisle. The later mansions were built with coal money.

Photos courtesy of Tony Richards and Steve Bulman

Moresby is two miles north-east of Whitehaven on the A595.

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