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Morland St Laurence Church Steve Bullman Images of CumbriaMorland lies in the Eden valley surrounded by fields and woods. Running through the village is Morland beck; hence the main street is called Water Street. At one time the beck’s water power was used for mills.

The village church, St Lawrence, dates from Anglo-Saxon time. The 11th century tower is constructed of red sandstone. The nave and chancel date from the 1200s, while the upper Morland Church interior Tony Richards Lakeland Camstorey is a 17th century additon. In the church are a 13th century coffin lid, a palimpsest (manuscript page written on, scraped off, and re-used to write on again) and tower ladders made from a single tree trunk.

Photos courtesy Steve Bullman , Tony Richards

Morland is located on a minor road between the M6 and A66, six miles north-west of Appleby-in-Westmorland.

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