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Newton Arlosh

Newton Arlosh 1859 Farm house by Graeme DougalSurrounded by the Solway peat and salt marshes, Newton Arlosh, in Allerdale, is a substitute village. The monks of Holme Cultram Abbey once panned salt from the seawater at the village of Skinburness until the sea took it in the early 1300s. The people resettled in a new town on the marsh, Newton Arlosh where salt mining continued as late as 1690. The monks were granted a license to move their fair to the new town.Newton Arlosh St Johns Church exterior by Graeme Dougal

St John the Baptist church made its debut in 1304 and was restored in 1844 with the addition of a new north side chamber. The original building was constructed by the Holme Cultram Abbey monks with defense in mind. The Scottish Border Reivers were active at the time. A feature of note is the 2 foot, 7 inch wide doorway. A vaulted and turreted tower was part of the defensive structure and was once accessed by ladder. Small windows were another safety measure. The octagonal font is thought to be original, as are the south wall and west tower. The base of the lectern is made of bog-oakNewton Arlosh St Johns Church entrance door by Graeme Dougal.

The Cumbria Cycleway goes through Newton Arlosh. The Solway coast and Moricambe Bay are nearby.

Photos courtesy of Graeme Dougal

Newton Arlosh is 2 miles southwest of Kirkbride on the B5307.

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