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Orthwaite manor house courtesy Andy WallaceOrthwaite is a small scattering of buildings. Orthwaite Hall once belonged to an African traveller. Sheep thrive on the land around the farm. Ruins on the property are thought to be Roman in origin.

Nearby is a bridleway leading to Ullock Pike ridge. The Cumbria way footpath skirts the area. Overwater Tarn is to the north of the hamlet, and Little Tarn is to the south. To the east are the Uldale fells.

Orthwaite village courtesy Andy Wallace Ullock Pike from Long Side Edge courtesy mad about mountains
Orthwaite village street courtesy Andy Wallace

Photos courtesy of Andy Wallace Andy Fellwalker

Orthwaite is located on a minor road off the A591 near its junction with the B5291, and northeast of the village of Bassenthwaite.

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