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Ousby Cumbria by Barbara BallardOusby is a small village that incorporates nearby farms. It sits in the shadow of Cross Fell in Eden. In the past it has been spelled Ulnesby, Ullesby, or Ulfsby. Former crops included oats, barley, and turnips.

The local church, St Luke, is not in the village Ousby church by Steve Bulmanitself but on its own to the east. The stone building, restored in 1858, has an oak effigy of a knight dated c14th century as well as a sedilia and piscina from the same period. The stone walling resembles a 12th century nave and chancel that were made longer in the 14th century. There is a bell turret at the west end.

Ousby Fox Inn by Barbara Ballard

Photos by Barbara Ballard and courtesy of Steve Bulman

Ousby is located on a minor road off the A686, 9 miles north-east of Penrith.

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