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Oxenholme station courtesy of TheButlerOxenholme was originally two miles from Kendal but is now a suburb of the town. The train station at Oxenholme is a gateway to the Lakes.

The railway line here was opened in 1846 and was electrified in 1974. At first, part of the Lancaster and Carlisle line, it then merged with the London and North Western Railway. Oxenholme station courtesy of TheButlerLater the rails were taken over by British Rail. Now Virgin Trains run the main line from Oxenholme over the high moors to Carlisle, a 45 minute journey. TransPennine Express plies the route from Oxenholme to Windermere.

The Oxenholme station, designed by architect William Tite (builder of the Bank of England and the Royal Exchange in Threadneedle St., London), has a connecting link with the train to Windermere.

Photos by TheButler

Oxenholme is on the A65 Kendal road.

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