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Penruddock cottages courtesy of Graeme DougalPenruddock originated in Celtic times. While the origin of its name is not certain, it is known that Pen is a Celtic name for ‘hill’ and ‘rhuddawc’ mean red in Welsh. Soil in the vicinity is reddish in colour. The name probably evolved through a number of languages to its present form.

Penruddock All Saints Church courtesy of Graeme DougalAll Saints Church was constructed in 1902. Its windows are Late Perpendicular in style. The slate-roofed Penruddock Presbyterian Chapel, in late Georgian style, dates from c1789 and replaced an earlier building. It was renovated in 1864, and a porch was added. Its windows are round, and its walls are rendered.

Penruddock Post office courtesy of Graeme DougalA post office and a pub complete the village picture.

Photos courtesy of Graeme Dougal

Penruddock is 5.5 miles west of Penrith on the A66.

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