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Plumpton (Penrith)

Plumpton House courtesy Andy WallacePlumptons homes take advantage of the river Petteril, along which many are sited. Trout fishing is a popular pastime.

North of the village is Voreda, a former Roman fort in use from the time of Hadrian's wall until the 4th century. In medieval times the area was a hunting ground for deer. A grammar school was founded in the mid-1700s.

Plumpton House courtesy Andy WallaceThe church of St John the Evangelist with its pele-like tower, dates from 1907. Henry Holiday, a devotee of the Lake District and stained glass designer, did one of the windows in the church.

There is an institute for outdoor learning in the former Plumpton Hall, a farming manor house.

Plumpton St John Baptist Church courtesy Steve Bulman

Note: There are two villages by this name in Cumbria, the one above and one on a dead-end road on Morecambe Bay just outside Ulverston.

Photos courtesy of Andy Wallace Andy Fellwalker and Steve Bulman

Plumpton is located 4 miles north of Penrith on the B6413.

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