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Ponsonby courtesy Andy WallaceSitting on the slopes of the fell of the same name, Ponsonbyoriginally called Ponsonis named for the Ponsonby family.

Lying halfway between Ponsonby and Calder Bridge is the parish church of Ponsonby, set in the parkland. The red sandstone church was constructed in 1840 with additions in 1874. It consists of a tower, nave and chancel. Two coffin lids decorated with crosses and a sword and shears are in the church.

Ponsonby Church by Alison StampMemorials to the Stanley family, residents of the area in the 14th century, adorn the interior. There is a stone vaulted ceiling and spire at the west end. Stained glass windows in the church include one by Henry Holiday and one by Sir Edward Burne-Jones (made by William Morris & Co).

Ponsonby church Nativity detail east window courtesy Neil Ralley Stained Glass PhotographyHere, in the middle of a park on high land, is Pelham house, originally called Ponsonby hall. When the Ponsonbys left, it was sold to the Stanley family. In the hall was a 1345 carved oak bedstead with the Stanley family shield. Paintings included those by Holbein. There were formal gardens, and a forest of trees planted by the Stanleys.

Photos courtesy of Andy Wallace Andy Fellwalker , Alison Stamp and Neil Ralley

Ponsonby is on the A595, 1½ miles north-west of Gosforth.

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