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Pooley Bridge

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Photo By Graeme DougalStraddling the River Eamont at the head of Ullswater, Pooley Bridge is graced by its 16th century bridge. It was once a busy market town, before the ascendance of nearby Penrith took precedence in the 19th century. Fish were the mainstay of Pooley Bridge's market produce.

Two wide main streets lined with greystone houses, teashops, and touristPooley Bridge By Graeme Dougalservices look over the lake. Part of Holly House dates to 1691. A Victorian church, St Paul, was built in 1868.

An Iron Age fort occupied nearby Dunmallard Hill (hill of slaughter) across the bridge from the village. Prehistoric cairns dot the landscape surrounding Ullswater.

In the 19th century the Ullswater Navigation and Transit Company steamers Pooley Bridge By Graeme Dougalprovided transport for mail, goods, and people around Ullswater. In the summer, the converted steamers ply the waters between Pooley Bridge, Howtown, and Glenridding.

A popular pastime is to take a boat from Pooley Bridge, leave the boat at Howtown, and then walk to Glenridding and catch the boat back to Pooley Bridge. This was one of Wordsworth's favourite walks and offers views of the lake and Helvellyn.

Pooley Bridge By Graeme DougalSouth of Pooley Bridge is Eusemere, home of an anti-slave advocate, Thomas Clarkson. His wife was a close friend of Dorothy Wordsworth. Both Dorothy and Wiliam stayed here on numerous occasions.

Pooley Bridge once went by the name “Pooley”, meaning pool by the hill, until the bridge was built. By whatever name, it's a starting point for Ullswater walks and cruises and a favourite for salmon fishers.

Photos courtesy of Graeme Dougal

Near Penrith on B5320 at northeast end Ullswater.

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