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Rampside is the jumping off point to take the causeway to Roa Island. Rampside Hall by Rob FarrowIts name came from the promontory where it is located. This promontory was seen to be in the shape of a ram’s head.

Although the village is mostly residential and is modern, there are a few 17th century houses remaining. Rampside Hall, Grade I listed, is one of these. It has twelve chimneys on its roof.

St Michael’s, the church for the village, is one-half mile north. It was constructed in 1840 and took the place of a 1621 chapel where George Fox preached.Rampside St Michael Church by Alexander P Kapp

A hotel first built in 1720 is in the village. Also in the village is a village hall.

Photos courtesy © Rob Farrow , Alexander P Kapp

Rampside is located in the Furness peninsula.

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