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Roa Island

(See also Rampside , Piel Island , Piel Island Castle)

Roa Island Furness area by Barbara BallardRoa Island is connected to the village of Rampside on the mainland by a causeway, which is approximately a mile in length.

Only about 100 people live on the island. On the island are the Roa Island Hotel, a yacht club, a boat house, a customs station, and a life boat station.

In the Middle Ages the Furness Abbey abbots had contacts with the island.

Henry W. Schneider, ironmaster and engineer, built a large house on the island. It still survives and has seven cannons that focus on the sea.

A ferry runs from Roa Island to Piel Island and its castle.

Photo courtesy Barbara Ballard

Roa Island is in Furness near Barrow. It is reached by causeway from Rampside.

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