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Santon Bridge

(See also Eskdale Green)

Santon Bridge Inn by TheButlerThe hamlet of Santon Bridge straddles the River Itr in the scenic Wasdale valley. Its name comes from the Old English bridge by the sandy farmstead. The nearby sandpit produces silver sand.

Santon Bridge is famous for its Worlds Biggest Liar contest, held each November at the Bridge Inn. This tradition began in another hamlet, Wasdale Head, in the 1800s when the publican of the inn, Will Ritson, made up tales about the areas folk heritage to amuse his customers.

Santon Bridge Inn by TheButlerSanton Bridge is popular today as a climbing base with Scafell Pike and nearby Wast Water being major attractions.

Photos by TheButler

Santon Bridge is located on a minor road near Eskdale Green or from the A595 northeast of Ravenglass.

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