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Willow Beck Lodge Scotby by Barbara BallardScotby was settled by the Scots in the 13th century. The Quakers were strong here and built, in 1718, a meeting house by the junction with the Wetheral road. It closed in 1913. It then served as a store, joiners workshop, and housing and office for sheltered accommodation. The Quaker Sutton family in the village set up a tannery (burned down in 1933) by the Carlisle and Newcastle rail station. Grain farming took place in the area. The village now serves as a bedroomScotby village shop by Barbara Ballard community for the town of Carlisle.

In the village are a primary school, post office/shop, bed and breakfast, and the Royal Oak pub. All Saints church sits on the top of a low hill by the village green. It dates from 1854 and is by Salvin. The church has a south tower, nave, and chancel. The east window is by William Morris and Co.

Scotby church by Barbara Ballard

Photos by Barbara Ballard

Scotby is located just off the A69, east of Carlisle.

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